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Re: st: Disappearing Review Window

From   Pete Huckelba <>
Subject   Re: st: Disappearing Review Window
Date   Tue, 15 Feb 2005 11:06:34 -0600

Yvonne Capstick wrote:

I'm using Stata 8 via Windows, and my Review window (displaying all historical commands) has disappeared. Selecting Window - Review will not bring it back. It might be that Stata thinks it's still there, but displaying it somewhere off the screen, even though I've made Stata take up the entire size of the screen. Does anyone know of a simple way to bring it back, aside from re-installing Stata (e.g. by restoring factory settings).



You can destroy the registry entry for that window and it will be restored to its default location the next time Stata is launched.

First close all instances of Stata. Then click on Start -> Run and type -regedit- to open the registry editor. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Stata\Stata8.0. NOTE: before making _any_ registry modifications, you should always make a backup. Right click on the Stata8.0 key and select 'Export' to save the file.

Expand the Stata8.0 tree and traverse to the Stata folder. Here you will see entries for the Stata windows. The keys in question are named 'RevWin' and 'RevWinNF'. Highlight these keys, right-click and select delete. The next time you launch Stata, the review window will be in the default location while the other windows will retain their last saved state. Should you run into any problems, you can always rebuild the registry by double-clicking on the registry key that was exported above.


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