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Re: st: New SSC package: -dfl-

From   Daniel Lawson <>
Subject   Re: st: New SSC package: -dfl-
Date   Wed, 9 Feb 2005 17:01:05 -0500

Is there any convention that the file _genx.ado ought to define the program _genx?

On Feb 9, 2005, at 4:29 PM, Nick Cox wrote:

Whoa! Who knows what programs unknown to
them use -_genx- and will thereby be clobbered?

Better to clone -_genx- and make
the resulting -genx- program a subroutine
of -dfl-, in the same file.


jean ries

Daniel Lawson wrote :
When I tried the command on a data set I have as follows:
. dfl female age1 age2 age3 age4 black edu1 edu2 edu3 edu4
edu5 extract
manufacture if manager==0, outcome(lnw)

I got the error message
unrecognized command:  _genx not defined by _genx.ado
I had the same problem. The following recipe should do the
job. Find the
file named "_genx.ado" and open it in a text-editor. Change the line

program define genx


program define _genx

and save the file. If Stata is currently running, type
-discard- after you
have done the changes.

If you don't know where to find the file "_genx.ado", type
-adopath- and
look for the path that is labelled (PLUS). At that place you
will find a
directory called "_"  in which you will find the file.
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