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st: symmetric plots about the y-axis

Subject   st: symmetric plots about the y-axis
Date   Mon, 7 Feb 2005 00:14:17 +0000

Dear Statalisters,

When I try to draw a symemtric function about the y-axis, e.g.
function y = x^2
function y = cos(x)
function y = tan(x)

then I get only the half of the plot, the positive (x,y)'s.
Also, the drawing of the plot stops at some arbritary point, which I imagine is
based on the number of points drawn.

How can I draw a symmetric parabola about the y-axis, and how can I impose a
more extend drawing of the function.

My specific interest has to do with plotting the upper limit of distribution
functions for skewness and kurtosis combinations, i.e. (b2 - b1 =1), when
skewness is expressed in square roots.

many thanks,

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