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Re: st: Stata 8 graphics, bar charts (stacked), color of labels

From   Andreas Stiehler <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata 8 graphics, bar charts (stacked), color of labels
Date   Fri, 17 Sep 2004 09:37:56 +0200

Firstly, I wish to thank for all the responses to my question.
Uli is right:
. graph bar x, over(y) blabel(bar, color(white) position(inside))
if y, for example, consists of 6 or 7 different values I have first to define the some number of different colors for the background.
Probably, I will need some darker and brighter colors for it. Respectively, I would like to use white and black labels within one bar.
(Putting the labels outside the bars or using boxes does not look very nice in my graphs.)
Therefore, I will try to apply Uli's solution.

Thank You,

Am 16.09.2004 um 15:53 schrieb Ulrich Kohler:

Derek Wagner, StataCorp wrote:
Roger Newson wrote:
with the -bar(#, bcolor())- option I can only determine the color
(and characteristics) of the bars - not of the labels (I am right?).
For a dark bar color, for example, I would like to use white labels
and vice versa. Is there any way to do that (without using boxes)?
If you would like dark bars and white labels within the bars, you
could use the -blabel- option with the -color- suboption.  You will
also want to put the labels within the bars (instead of on top)
because a white label would "disappear" on a white background- so
you could use the -position- suboption for that purpose.  For
example, your command might look like the following:

. graph bar x, over(y) blabel(bar, color(white) position(inside))
I think the problem of the original poster (Andreas Stiehler <>)
was different. He wants to specify different label colors for stacked bars.
Imagine a stacked bar chart with a lower bar-region in, say, black and and an
upper bar-region in white. In this case one wants to have white labels in the
lower bar and black labels for the upper bar. There is a solution with -graph
twoway bar- (see my posting from yesterday). However this solution seems to
be a bit complicated, given that on can tackle a similar problem directelly
with -graph pie-.


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