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RE: st: I am new in the list, (doubts on Xtabond)

From   "Lopez Noria, Gabriela" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: I am new in the list, (doubts on Xtabond)
Date   Sun, 15 Aug 2004 11:22:11 +0100

Clive Nicholas:

Thank you very much for your answer, I already read the paper you sent
me and it was really helpful.

Thanks again.

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Sent: 11 August 2004 19:55
Subject: Re: st: I am new in the list, (doubts on Xtabond)

Gabriela Lopez wrote:

> My name is Gabriela Lopez.   I want to calculate total factor
> productivity but in the papers I have read the authors first use the
> General Method of Moments.   They run an xtabond model and take the
> coefficient of the lagged dependent variable and the capital per 
> worker to calculate total factor productivity as a residual.  Can 
> anyone tell me how to do it exactly or recommend a paper or papers I 
> can read to understand it.

Welcome to the list. Try -whelp xtabond- for pointers. Also, try this
link to a paper on Arellano-Bond GMM originally supplied to the list by
Padraig Dixon on July 13:

> I have run several xtabond regressions to obtain the coefficients
> mentioned above.   Then I calculate the total factor productivity (but
> am not sure  I am doing it correctly) to run OLS regressions using
> variables of trade liberalization but I can't get good results.   What
> is my problem?

Can't advise you on that for two reasons: (1) you don't provide any
output; and (2) I'm certainly not a labour economist!

> The Sargan test and the statistics of first and second order 
> correlations are described in the xtabond regression in Stata, which 
> other test do I have to consider?

Aren't they enough? :)

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