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Re: st: Stata 8/Mac OS X do-file recognition

From   Michael Ingre <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata 8/Mac OS X do-file recognition
Date   Fri, 28 May 2004 14:50:53 +0200

Dear Sheela,

I'm not sure what you mean by "unable to recognize a do-file from an older version of Stata". It can mean several things. However, if your problem is that you are not able to double click a do file to make it run in Stata then Mac OS X has probably forgotten which program you want to open the file with. If so, it is easy to correct:

Point your mouse to the file and right click the mouse button (or ctrl click). Then choose "Get info". In the drop down menu "Open with" choose Stata. If you want all files ending with the extension .do to open with Stata push the button "Change All".



On 2004-05-28, at 00.42, Sheela Athreya wrote:


I searched the archives, but couldn't find anything regarding the following: I am using Intercooled Stata 8.2, running on Mac OS 10.3. It appears to be unable to recognize a do-file from an older version of Stata.

Any idea or advice on how to get these older do-files recognized and functional within the newest version of Stata?

Thank you,

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