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Re: st: Top 10 Tricks in Stata (summary to date)

From   Ada Ma <>
Subject   Re: st: Top 10 Tricks in Stata (summary to date)
Date   Sun, 23 May 2004 19:56:28 +0100

I do lots of repetitive work. My top 10 are:

(1) -egen- without which my life would be unbearable

(2) Date formats

(3) -while- and -foreach- without them I'd have gone loopy

(4) All the math functions - I like abs and int especially

(5) All the string functions - e.g. very useful when dealing with postcodes, Unitary Authority codes, etc. It also allows me to loop through datasets with years and months as part of the filenames (so that I can have "0" precede single digit months).

(6) -program- it allows me to do a set of commands repeatedly without setting up a separate do file

(7) -xi- Hello, my name is Ada and I am a Dummy Variable Addict.

(8) -ds- I've only learnt about it from Nick Cox couple of weeks ago and it's the thing that got me start using Stata 8 SE (I had it installed on my computer for months but being obtuse I refuse to use it...)

(9) -if/else- I use the Labour Force Survey and it's slightly different in each quarter. This command allows me to do slightly different things for each year and quarter.

(10) -merge/append/joinby-

Finally, 2 very useful Stata non commands:

(1) Unix batch mode - allow me to switch off my own computer while having a remote computer run estimations that take days.

(2) "Copy Table" in the Viewer and Results windows.

Ada Ma
Research Assistant
Department of Economics
University of Aberdeen Business School
Edward Wright Building F55
Tel: +44 1224 273417
Fax: +44 1224 272181

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