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st: RE: re: dta file not stata format

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: re: dta file not stata format
Date   Sun, 23 May 2004 16:25:46 +0100

Another possibility is to look at 
your file to see whether the assumption 
is correct. Just having .dta extension
does not guarantee that you have 
the right kind of file. I have had
experienced people getting confused 
between saving a data file as a .dta 
and saving a graph file as a .gph 
and also experienced people who 
saved some ASCII version of the 
data and slapped on .dta as the extension
on the assumption that was sufficient. 
These hypotheses may be too bizarre 
for your case, but you appear to have 
run through the standard possibilities. 
On the whole I would still guess human 
error above hardware error. 

Looking at the file in a text editor
that supports hexadecimal or using 
-hexdump- to peek at the file are 
two ways of doing this. Bits of 
the file should be recognisable 
as variable names and labels, and 
the opening bytes of the file 
can only be of a few fixed kinds 
(see -help dta-). 


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> Subject: st: re: dta file not stata format
> ted and michael-
> thanks for your suggestions.  still no luck.  perhaps it is 
> something with the 
> hardware i used to transfer files and not stata at all.
> best, sharon

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