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st: treatment of "$" in graphics text

From   Philip Ryan <>
Subject   st: treatment of "$" in graphics text
Date   Fri, 21 May 2004 16:06:31 +0930

Page 207 of the Users Guide [U21.3.9] instructs us on how to deal with the "$" character if we wish to display a dollar sign and _not_ consider it the marker for global macro expansion. We can either use the "\" character or some smcl code: {c S|} immediately prior to the "$". These devices work for -display-. But only the second, the smcl code, appears to work in text placed on a graphic, eg using -title()- -ytitle()- -label()- etc.

I can't find a reference to this behaviour in the graphics manual (or any discussion in the archives). Is there a reason for this inconsistency/feature?


display "price in $US"
display "price in \$US"
display "price in {c S|}US"
sysuse auto
scatter price weight, ytitle("price in $US")
scatter price weight, ytitle("price in \$US")
scatter price weight, ytitle("price in {c S|}US")

(using Stata Windows 18-May-2004 and latest ados)


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