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Re: st: Random number seed

Subject   Re: st: Random number seed
Date   Thu, 20 May 2004 15:30:30 +0100

You could use date and time as the seed...
Add the following lines to the start of your program if you are using STATA

tokenize "`c(current_time)'" ,parse(":")
local seed "`1'`3'`5'"
local edate = date("`c(current_date)'","dmy")
local seed "`edate'`seed'"
set seed `seed'


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Can the stata random number seed be itself randomized?

I am running a program called "" in the batch mode without
invoking/opening stata. This program carries out an analysis based on a set
of 1,000 uniform random numbers it generates.

However, since the random seed is always the same everytime I run the
program in batch mode, I get the same set of 1,000 random numbers each time
I run this program in batch mode. Results are identical which defeats the

Can this be changed?


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