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st: RE: Re: Transparent background in graphics

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Re: Transparent background in graphics
Date   Thu, 20 May 2004 11:15:48 +0100

-search- does not in general bring up option names. That may 
sound a limitation, but the converse would mean that in many 
examples you would be swamped by false positives. Imagine 
-search-ing for -generate- and getting a list of all the 
commands with a -generate()- option. Also many option names 
are intelligible when known, but difficult to guess in 
advance. Naturally that doesn't rule out in principle 

. search ..., options 

i.e. keywords which are options would not be listed
unless asked for. In total I doubt that documenting 
options would be worth the effort. 

-findit- depends, in the case of stuff written by 
users, on descriptions they put in package files. 
Usually they do not include option details. 

-search- depends on a database of keywords which 
are in a set of files stata*.key. I've found StataCorp 
very receptive to suggestions of extra keywords 
or of fixes to these files, which can be and are 
updated promptly. 

In this case something like 

. search background color 

would be a better bet; I've not read all the results 
but it may well be that -bgcolor()- remains undocumented. 


Friedrich Huebler
> --- Roger Newson <> wrote:
> > At 13:22 18/05/04 -0700, Friedrich Huebler wrote:
> > >Try the undocumented option -bgcolor()-.
> > 
> > If this option is undocumented, then how do I go about finding more
> > about it? (I have tried "search bgcolor" and "findit bgcolor" and
> > found nothing. And I am using the very latest update of Stata 8.2,
> > ie the one dated 18 May 2004.)
> As far as I know, this option was first described on Statalist in a
> message by Vince Wiggins.
> By the way, -findit- and -search- also come up empty for documented
> options (e.g., -findit graphregion-).

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