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RE: st: Re: Transparent background in graphics

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Re: Transparent background in graphics
Date   Wed, 19 May 2004 22:55:28 +0100

Perhaps there is a language problem here somewhere. 

I have often printed out slides (i.e. physical transparencies
you can hold) of Stata graphs using Svend Juul's schemes (examples
of schemes with "color background white") 
and this has never been an issue. Everything is 
transparent, except the points, lines, text, etc. 
that should not be. "White" means in this case "transparent", 
at least when printed. Perhaps however you are talking 
of something to be shown using Acrobat or similar. 

As for the -tsgraph- problem, there is 
no bug, merely a misunderstanding. 

. twoway (tsline le), ttitle(, color(none))

just changes the -color()-. If you want to blank 
out the title text, you need to make that explicit. 

. twoway (tsline le), ttitle("", color(none))

There are many analogues here. See 

. whelp repeated_options

or (as of 18 May) 

. whelp repeated options 

for the story (which you will probably recognise). As someone 
wrote in the FAQ, 

Don't say "Is this a bug?". Almost all the time, it is not! 


Fredrik Wallenberg
> Since my slides don't have a black uniform color background, selecting
> a specific background color, white or otherwise, will not solve my
> problem. I am used to producing PDF graphics with transparency and am
> disappointed that Stata isn't helping me in this regard.
> What I CAN do is open up the eps/pdf in Adobe Illustrator and remove
> the offending objects... however that is a drag (to say the least).
> Speaking of offending objects (and color=none) not working... I can't
> get rid of the title for the t-axis
> . sysuse uslifeexp
> . tsset year
> . twoway (tsline le), ttitle(, color(none))
> Is this a bug in Stata for mac or does everyone get the same result
> (the title for the t-axis "year" remains visible).

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