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st: Tiny wish for pull down menu File Filename

From   "Renzo Comolli" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Tiny wish for pull down menu File Filename
Date   Tue, 18 May 2004 13:26:21 -0400

I have two tiny wishes for the pull-down menu File Filename and one about
the DoEditor

1. File Filename is set to show by default only .dta files; I propose to
change that setting to show by default all Stata file-types (.dta .do .ado
and so on). There already exists the possibility of switching to show all
file types, but Stata does not remember what you did last time, and next
time it shows .dta only once again.
Given that the pull-down menu File already has Open which correctly defaults
to .dta, having also Filename defaulting to .dta does not serve any purpose
that I can see.
I post this wish because in spite of using File Filename 20 times a day or
more, I always get a panic attack when I don't see my files, then I

2. When you click on File Filename the dialogue box has a pull-down menu
called File name (sorry names are confusing, but that's their name), that
pull-down menu would be useful to find quickly recently-viewed files. In
reality, Windows XP paths are very long and that pull down menu manages to
show only the beginning of each path, so there is hardly any way to
distinguish among the files available for quick access. I suggest that this
feature is somehow improved so that the pull-down menu becomes useful.

3. I suggest that when you open a .do file using the buttons in the
DoEditor, an entry is created in the Review window 
. doedit filename
for easy access later on.

Of course these are only wishes, and no more than wishes, offered for free
and open to discussion.

Best Regards,
Renzo Comolli

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