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st: Re: p value precision

From   "Steichen" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Re: p value precision
Date   Mon, 17 May 2004 10:15:04 -0400

You can, of course, manually run a sequence of meta-analyses using -if-
or -in- to specify the studies to be cumulated at each step. Doing so, you
can use whatever meta analysis program suits your data and reports the
precision you desire.

Alternatively, you can manually edit -metacum- to report more digits for the
p-value. Find the lines:

        while `i'<=`obs' {
                if "`id'"=="" {
                        di in ye _column(5) %6.3f `cumpsi'[`i'] _column(14)
%6.3f `lc'[`i'] /*
                        */ _column(21) %6.3f `uc'[`i'] _column(31) %6.3f
`z'[`i'] /*
                        */ _column(40) %6.3f `pvalue'[`i']
                else {
                        di in ye `id'[`i'] /*
                        */ _column(`col1') %6.3f `cumpsi'[`i']
_column(`col2') %6.3f `lc'[`i'] /*
                        */ _column(`col3') %6.3f `uc'[`i'] _column(`col4')
%6.3f `z'[`i'] /*
                        */ _column(`col5') %6.3f `pvalue'[`i']
                local i=`i'+1
* list `psi' `se' `cumpsi' `cumse'

* draw graph *

...and change the %6.3f format right before `pvalue'[`i'] at the end of each
display block to something like %12.9f then resave it.

I will note, though, that I see little value in knowing to 9 digits how
unlikely the point-estimate of each cumulative meta-analysis is to be 1.


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From: "Cook, James R MD" <>
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Sent: Monday, May 17, 2004 9:40 AM
Subject: st: p value precision

> I am attempting a cumulative meta-analysis of 11 studies and after fourth
study (by date) the p-value is 0.0000 and remains so thereafter. Does anyone
know of a program that will allow more than 4 digits of precision for the
> Will -metap- help? It seems to have 6 digits in the results.
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