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st: what statistical method should i use?

From   vinkwai wong <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: what statistical method should i use?
Date   Sun, 16 May 2004 00:20:20 +0800

in order to know which production the custumer most like,i design a question as follow :

Q:there are six production listed below.according to your preference,the production you like most is_____,the production you secondly like is ____,and the third is_____.
productionA      productionB      productionC      productionD     productionE      productionF 

when the data is collected. i type in a stata in such format:

firstlike          secondlike          thirdlike
A                      C                   D
E                      A                   E

if i want to make a decision what production should i choose as my main production according to the survey,what statistical method should i use to analysis my data ?

my aim is to let the analysis result support my descision.

any suggestion is appreciated.

thank you .

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