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st: how standardize a dummy-variable??

From   "Dietrich Drüner" <>
Subject   st: how standardize a dummy-variable??
Date   Fri, 14 May 2004 18:20:11 +0200

Dear Statalisters!

I have a dataset with 62 cases (=observations) of EU legislative projects. Each case consists of a so-called conflict space which is a square of 100x100 units. My 17 actors have so-called ideal point positions in this space. Moreover, there is an area called the CORE that varies from a single point up the whole conflict space (i.e. the whole 100x100 square).

It is of theoretical relevance if a specific actors position is located within the CORE or not and to compare the frequency of this constellation across different CORES (whose size varies with the decision rule).
So, this is my dummy-variable, and I want to compare its frequency across my 62 cases for different cores (=decision rules).
But: It makes a difference if an actor is located in a core covering 100% of my square or in a core covering only 50%.

How can I standardize these dummy-variables so that I can compare the relative frequency of an actors location in the core across different cores?

Sorry for the political-scientist jargon, I don't know how to present my problem in a more general, statistical language!

Thank you!


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