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RE: st: RE: a ui suggestion

From   Bill Rising <>
To   "Stata Listserve" <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: a ui suggestion
Date   Fri, 14 May 2004 09:50:50 -0400

On 5/14/04 5:46, Nick Cox wrote

>Good point. Please consider 
>program mysave
>	version 8 
>	syntax [anything(name=filename)] [, * ] 
>	qui { 
>		if `"`filename'"' == "" { 
>			local filename `"`c(filename)'"' 
>			save `filename' `0' 
>		} 	
>		else save `0' 
>	} 	
>	display as text `"file {stata use `filename':`filename'} saved"'
>I am not sure I would ever want this myself. No matter. 

Here's why I would find it useful (not to sway you, but to sway the the 
Stata folks):

When working with multiple data sources for a single analysis, I 
typically have to make many interim files. They cannot be temp files, 
because I need to leave a trail for tracking down data errors. Thus it 
would be useful to look at the logs for the files which generate various 
interim files and be able to get to the files from the log files 
themselves. Just makes the workflow a little faster and more organized 
(both of which I desparately need).

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