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Re: st: RE: a ui suggestion

From   Bill Rising <>
To   "Stata Listserve" <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: a ui suggestion
Date   Thu, 13 May 2004 21:11:37 -0400

On 5/13/2004 16:54, Nick Cox wrote

>Do you mean 
>program mysave
>	version 8 
>	syntax anything(name=filename) [, * ] 
>	qui save `0' 
>	display as text `"file {stata use `filename':`filename'} saved"'

Yes, a good suggestion by Nick. Using 

mysave, replace

would fail, though. Of course, this, too, could be worked around, by 
making the filename optional and then checking for errors and the like. 

I was actually suggesting it as a real built-in change, because it seemed 
like a good extension of smcl. If it became part of the internals for any 
kind of saving, it could also then be implemented for *every* save 
operation, such as 
-graph ..., saving()-

This would make smcl files even more useful.

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