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st: panel data sets based on complex survey design

Subject   st: panel data sets based on complex survey design
Date   Tue, 11 May 2004 17:32:58 +1000


I am about to undertake analysis on the Household, Income and Labour
Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey using Stata version 8 (which I have
recently abtained access to). HILDA is a panel data set of Australian
households and individuals. I was hoping to find that the latest version of
Stata had the capability to deal with data that was both longtitudinal in
nature and of a complex survey design (I guess a combination of the xt and
svy commands). However, my initial scan of the guides doesn't reveal
anything that can deal with both these issues simultaneously.

How do other users analysising HILDA (and other longtitudinal surveys) deal
with this issue of longtitudinal data when there are significant
startification and clustering issues? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Michael Alexander
Labour Market Economist
Industrial Relations Victoria

(03) 9651 9549 (tel)
(03) 9651 9777 (fax)

Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development
Government of Victoria, Victoria, Australia. 

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