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Re: st: discrim command

Subject   Re: st: discrim command
Date   Mon, 10 May 2004 13:57:09 -0400

The global variables below are the only program-saved variables that can be used by other programs. However, you can capture the coefficient vector of the discriminant functions with only a little programming. 

Using logistic regression would make your situation much easier; moreover, you need not then worry about the assumptions upon which discriminant analysis is based being violated. 

joe hilbe

global S_E_var $nvar
global S_E_obs `obs'
global S_E_ob0 `obs0'
global S_E_ob1 `obs1'
global S_E_cn0 $cnt0
global S_E_cn1 $cnt1
global S_E_cng  ((`obs1'*$cnt0)+(`obs0'*$cnt1))/`obs'
global S_E_r2  $rsquare
global S_E_mah $mahala
global S_E_eig $eigen
global S_E_lam $lamda
global S_E_cc  $ccor
global S_E_chi $chisq
global S_E_e2  $ccor^2
global S_E_cmd "discrim"

Dear Statalist,

I have been using Dr. Hilbe's -discrim- command and
would like to be able to save or output the function
coefficients into another file. However, I do not
think that -discrim- leaves the coefficient matrix
behind. I would like to bootstrap my analysis. Is
there any other way to do this in Stata?

Thank you in advance,

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