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st: RE: Merge Question

From   "Wallace, John" <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: RE: Merge Question
Date   Fri, 7 May 2004 10:59:23 -0700

It sounds like a merge and reshape problem to me.  In the FirstV dataset
call your cholesterol variable something like chol_0, then rename the
variables in the RepeatV dataset chol_6, chol_12, chol_18, chol_24 etc.
Merge uniqueID using RepeatV, which should put everything in a wide format
dataset.  Then you want to do something like -reshape long chol_,
i(uniqueId) j(month)- which should give you UniqueID, month and chol_
(containing the chemistry measure) as variables (month will be
0,6,12,18...60).  You can then do whatever comparison you'd like between 0
and 60 datapoints.

Hope this helps

John Wallace | Research Associate | Test Method Development
AFFYMETRIX, INC. | 3380 Central Expressway | Santa Clara, CA 95051 | Tel:
408-731-5574 | Fax:  408-481-0435

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From: Syed Gillani [] 
Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 4:50 AM
Subject: st: Merge Question


I have two related files ... FirstV and RepeatV, related on uniqueID for
FirstV contains demographic data and the first result of Serun Cholesterol.
RepeatV contains repeated measures of the same chemistry every six months
for a period of 5 years, recording the date of examination.
How can I add to FirstV the last visit value from RepeatV so I may compare
the two?

Version: Stata 8.2
Files transferred to Stata format with StatTransfer 7 from EpiInfo 6.04d.
OS: WindowsXP professional.


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