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Re: st: IV Regression with many zeros in 1st stage

From   "Mark Schaffer" <>
Subject   Re: st: IV Regression with many zeros in 1st stage
Date   Fri, 7 May 2004 18:07:28 +0100


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Subject:        	st: IV Regression with many zeros in 1st stage
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> Dear Statalist colleagues,
> I would like to estimate the following regression:
> BD=aX+bS+e
> where BD=birth defect and S is a measure of smoking (either 0/1 or number of 
> cigarettes).  I would like to instrument S with cigarette prices and other 
> variables (local 
> smoking policy variables, eg).  The problem, I think, is that > 50% of 
> respondents didn't 
> smoke.  Does affect the appropriateness of the IV approach?  Ie, can my 1st 
> stage 
> regression:
> S = cZ+dP+e
> be estimated if >50% of S is zero?

IV is a one-step estimator, and it doesn't matter if the "first-stage 
regression" is correctly specified or not because it's not being 
estimated as a structural equation.  All you need is for S to be 
correlated with the excluded instruments.  You can check this with 
the 1st-stage F stat.

A couple of additional comments:

- If you want to do IV as 2SLS and estimate the first stage by hand, 
you have to include *all* the exogenous variables.  That means in 
your case you would include X along with Z and P.

- ...but there's no need to do it in two stages by hand; just use 
ivreg (or ivreg2, the extended IV written by Kit Baum, Steve Stillman 
and myself, which will provide the 1st-stage F-stat automatically if 
you want it).

- One issue that you haven't raised is whether your birth defect 
equation should be linear.  If BD is a dichotomous, you might want to 
us Joe Harkness' ivprob (probit with endogenous regressors) instead.

Hope this helps.


> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Michael
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