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st: gllapred error after gllamm

From   Adrian Gonzalez-Gonzalez <>
Subject   st: gllapred error after gllamm
Date   Thu, 06 May 2004 18:26:33 -0400

Dear Statalisters

I am using gllamm to estimate a conditional logit model with two random
parameters and three categories/alternatives with Stata 7.

gllamm altexp s8_Years s9_Years c8 c9 if z==1, nocons expand (altij choice
o) base(0) i(group) link(mlogit) fam(binomial) nrf(2) eqs(s8_Ye s9_Ye)
nip(3) trace

After convergence, I have no problem getting the results displayed in a
regression table using gllamm allc.

However, I am getting an error r(198) when I tried to used the gllapred

		gllapred prob, mu marginal
		(mu will be stored in prob)
		invalid syntax

Thanks a lot in advance for any help

Adrian Gonzalez
Ph.D Candidate
Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics
The Ohio State University

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