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st: p-values and -test- when bootstrapping svyreg

From   Cecilia von Otter <>
Subject   st: p-values and -test- when bootstrapping svyreg
Date   Wed, 05 May 2004 11:35:30 +0200


We're bootstrapping svyreg (using pweights).
Why does 'test' of  the bootstrapped coefficents run chi-square-tests ?
What happened to old adjusted Wald f-tests?
Is it safe to calculate t-stats on _b/ s.e or do I need to specify that
I want the bootstrap procedure to retrieve t-stats?
Can I ask for p-values when bootstrapping svyreg?

Thanks for any advice!

Cecilia von Otter
SOFI, Institute for Social Research
Stockholms universitet
S-106 91 Stockholm

+46 (8) 16 34 03

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