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st: ask help for -fitstat- after regresion

From   rghuang <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: ask help for -fitstat- after regresion
Date   Sun, 21 Mar 2004 13:00:50 +0800

my question is as follows:
1.what dose D(66) means?and what it tells us? we knows,aic and bic tell us how to choose the best model.the model with small aic and bic is the better one.but what is the use of aic*n?and what is bic'?how to caculate it?and what does it tell us  ?
thank you!


Measures of Fit for regress of price

Log-Lik Intercept Only:     -647.799     Log-Lik Full Model:         -637.829
D(66):                      1275.659     LR(2):                        19.939
                                         Prob > LR:                     0.000
R2:                            0.251     Adjusted R2:                   0.228
AIC:                          18.575     AIC*n:                      1281.659
BIC:                         996.208     BIC':                        -11.470

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