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Stata Licensing and sharing desktops on multiple platforms. was (RE: st: Using Stata remotely via Mac OS X)

From   "Daniel R Sabath" <>
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Subject   Stata Licensing and sharing desktops on multiple platforms. was (RE: st: Using Stata remotely via Mac OS X)
Date   Wed, 24 Dec 2003 11:47:16 -0800

This brings up a small quibble I have with the way licenses work. I know
that corporations have to make money on selling programs and it costs for
development on multiple platforms, but it still grates to know that I need
three licenses if I want to use Stata on all three computers I work on
regularly. Is it possible that a program be licensed to a USER and to let
that user use it on whatever platform they care to? I have a Mac for a
laptop, XP on my work desktop and LINUX at home. With the current license I
am unable to work on data while traveling and I imagine the XP/OSX combo
will not be all that unusual fairly soon. 

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>2.  Is there any way to run Stata with graphical interface remotely, 
>such as over X11 or another Mac program that lets you use a desktop 

Yes. VNC is the protocol you want to look at. You need to set up a server on
the machine you want to view and a client on any machine you are currently
working at. The advantage to VNC is that you can set up the server on
WIN/LINUX/OSX and view from OSX/WIN/LINUX. It is not OS specific.

For the OSX server machine you will want to use either osxvnc
or "share my desktop"

For a viewer you have two options.
If you are comfortable installing UNIXish style programs and have used fink,
you can get a very nice version packaged as tightvnc
( in the unstable tree
which runs under X11. Tightvnc is also available for WIN and LINUX as both a
server and a client at: 
The advantage to this version is that you can tunnel/encrypt your connection
over ssh.

If you are more comfortable with the OS X style of installation you can use
any one of a number of clients. They just don't tunnel as far as I know.

There is one instance where you probably don't want to use VNC as the server
and that is on an XP desktop. While possible, it's probably better to use
the native protocol from microsoft. You can access an XP machine from OSX
using remote desktop client.
and from LINUX using RDesktop.

Best holiday wishes.


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