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st: two-variable Frequency table

Subject   st: two-variable Frequency table
Date   Tue, 16 Dec 2003 01:02:16 +0000

Dear Statalisters,

I want to generate the following frequency table:
for example,

                      VARIABLE X
             (0.5-1.0)  (1.0-1.5)  (1.5-2.0)  (......)
A (0.2-0.3)

I have two continuous variables and I want to create a table that is esentially
a scatterplot of number of observations, instead of points in a graph. Its also
necessary that I must be able to determine the upper and lower limits of the
intervals (as they dont have to be necessarily balanced).

I dont know whether there is already a written command on this, perhaps I was
not careful enough to find it. All suggestions are welcome,
many thanks

p.s.I apologize for the previous e-mail, with the same content but of irrelevant

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