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RE: st: estimation with selmlog

Subject   RE: st: estimation with selmlog
Date   Tue, 9 Dec 2003 11:43:39 -0600


The authors of SELMLOG have a paper on the website in which they argue that
the Lee correction is not correct, that there must be selection terms for
each choice.  This is detailed in the paper.


--Alex Cavallo
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Fatma Bircan
Middle East Technical University
Department of Economics


In the output with "selmlog" command there are series of variables
labeled (m1 to m4 since we have four choices in the mlogit model).  In
the stata module on "selmlog command" it is stated that these
variables are consistent estimators of conditional expected values of
residuals derived from the mlogit model. The coefficients on these
variables are the estimates of the covariance between the residual in
the regression and the residual from the mlogit model.Could anyone
please explain what these terms mean? I expect only one selection term
and its coefficient in the regression equation of primary interet.


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