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RE: st: Documentation for Stata's graphics schemes

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Documentation for Stata's graphics schemes
Date   Fri, 5 Dec 2003 12:30:02 -0000

My guess is that this is still in the pipeline; 
and that it may not be out that soon. For every 
person who wants this, there's many more who 
want other things known to be on the collective 
graphics wishlist (which, no doubt, does _not_ 
correspond exactly with the StataCorp graphics 
to do list). It is as mundane as a matter of 

That's not to say that this should not 
be documented properly and as soon as possible; 
nor that it might not be just about to appear. 
I'm guessing, as said. 

I'll mention also Svend Juul's article in Stata 
Journal 3(3) 2003. This isn't the documentation 
you want, but reading it and studying the 
results may help you understand more about schemes. 

. search juul, author 

will point you to the article; note in particular 
that all users of Stata 8 can download the schemes
and use them, irrespective of whether they subscribe
to the Stata Journal (and I do recommend the latter). 

Personally, I find that Svend's work filled in 
a small but definite gap in Stata's schemes,
to the extent that "find out about graphics schemes 
and play with them" is no longer on my own to do 


Joseph Coveney

> >Does anyone know where I could find documentation for 
> Stata's graphics
> >schemes?  If so, I would appreciate pointers as to where 
> to find it.

Ernest Berkhout

> That is a question I already posed on this list some months 
> ago, and I'm 
> still also very curious to see such a "Reference Guide" for 
> the layout of 
> the schemes. Vince Wiggins from Stata Corp said that they 
> were working on 
> it some time ago, I wonder how far they've got til now?

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