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Re: st: Stat/Transfer v. Dbms/Copy

From   Dan Blanchette <>
Subject   Re: st: Stat/Transfer v. Dbms/Copy
Date   Sun, 30 Nov 2003 22:49:20 -0500 (EST)

During the past year I have developed a set of programs
that can solve your problem of moving data between Stata and SAS.
About a week or so ago these programs were posted on the

To make full use of them you need to have a working copy of both
Stata and SAS.  The default version of the newly created dataset
is the current version of Stata or SAS which may take care of your
Stata version 8 problem.

I would like to highlight that my programs work within Stata or SAS
such that only the desired analysis file is saved as a SAS or Stata file.
This may save you from having 2 datasets where only 1 is necessary.
My programs use or create SAS format catalog files to transfer value

My transfer programs:

SAVASAS: Stata module to save your dataset as a SAS dataset

SAVASTATA: SAS macro to save a SAS dataset as a Stata dataset

USESAS: Stata module to use a SAS dataset

SAVAS: c-shell script for Unix/Linux which makes Stata versions of SAS data files
          and SAS versions of Stata data files


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