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Re: st: Re: how to save ado files

From   "R. Allan Reese" <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: how to save ado files
Date   Fri, 28 Nov 2003 16:31:04 +0000

>Olivier, I have tried that. It did not work. It still save the file as
>filename.ado.txt. I have saved it in the right place (I think)

Steichen <> wrote:
>Did you change the name on the -program define- line inside the file 
>to match the filename?  That line and the filename must match.

Yet another example of Microsoft "intelligent" software being the 
opposite.  I've had similar frustrations using Wordpad, trying to save 
something.ado but having to go into Explorer to knock off the 
gratuitous .txt.  There does not seem to be a "will you bloody stop 
interfering with my filenames" toggle.  A better alternative is PFE, 
still available from web archives (search for "Programmers' File 

While it is a convenient development environment in many ways, 
Stata+editor does require the user to remember various steps in 
sequence *every time*:
1) save "program something" in something.ado, but you don't have to 
   exit the editor, 
2) if you have called the previous version in the Stata session,
   use "discard" or it will show you the same error,
3) write code that does not change the data irreversibly.  
   "sortpreserve" is a fantastic option for programmers. 

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