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st: local macro in nlcom

From   "Jun Xu" <>
Subject   st: local macro in nlcom
Date   Mon, 17 Nov 2003 21:34:17 -0600

Not sure if any solution or ideas about this problem. I try to write some routine for
getting the prediction and confidence interval for predicted probabilities in nbreg. However,
I got into some trouble. Note the following fourth line with:

.local ai = "1/exp([lnalpha]_b[_cons])" // pay attention to this line
I think it is this line giving me trouble. I will get both nonsensical prediction and for sure incorrect standard errors. And if I have

.local ai "1/exp([lnalpha]_b[_cons])" // pay attention to this line
Again, I get exactly teh same as I did using the line above.

If I take off the quotation mark;that is, if I have

.local ai = 1/exp([lnalpha]_b[_cons]) // pay attention to this line
then the prediction is CORRECT (I checked it), however, because the local is resolved before getting into nlcom, so the confidence interval is incorrect for sure.

I got totally confused and don't know what to do. Also note that `expxb' has been defined to be equal to exp(xb)=mu and `i' refers to the number of times (y). Because I have tested it for many times and guess the line that I just talked about giving me trouble, especially how it is translated in nlcom affects the differences in the output, and I am pretty sure it's not the length of the expression list giving me trouble. Very frustrated, and hope someone could help out. In addition, I think the density function I specify for the nbreg is correct.

local alpha "exp([lnalpha]_b[_cons])"
*local alpha = "e(alpha)"
*local ai = 1/`alpha'
local ai = "1/exp([lnalpha]_b[_cons])" // pay attention to this line
local gai "exp(lngamma(`ai'))"
noi di in y `alpha'
noi di in y `ai'
noi di in y `expxb'
nlcom ((exp(lngamma(`i'+`ai'))/(exp(lnfact(`i'))*exp(lngamma(`ai'))))* ///
((`ai'/(`ai'+`expxb'))^`ai')* ///

Jun Xu
Department of Sociology
Indiana University

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