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Re: st: graph_box bug in 8.2, OS X 10.3

Subject   Re: st: graph_box bug in 8.2, OS X 10.3
Date   Tue, 04 Nov 2003 17:17:59 -0600

David Airey <> wrote:

> > The only suggestion I have is to resize your Graph window until the 
> > line goes
> > away.  I'll continue looking at our code but I'm very confident it's 
> > not
> > anything we're doing.

> Bummer. That's not what I wanted to hear. It's a very strange bug. If 
> it is Apple's, then I suppose if I look at other Stata graphs, I will 
> see strange lines elsewhere. And graphics from other programs too, for 
> that matter.

And in fact, you will see it in other Stata graphs such as histograms, bar
charts, box plots, etc.  I can't speak for other graphics packages but

1)  It only shows up when using the Quartz drawing engine.
2)  Requires the window to be a certain size or smaller.  Had I not think to
    resize my window when I first read of your problem, I would've never seen
    the problem.

I tracked down the problem to drawing rectangular frames and it really looks
like an Apple bug.  All we do is tell the OS to stroke a rectangle yet we get
both the stroked rectangle and an extra line.  It's obviously a combination of
this call and the calls that precede it that's causing the problem because it
doesn't happen with every instance of this call.  I tried making sure there
were no lingering paths or points (even thought it's supposed to be
independent from drawing paths) but that didn't help.

So until Apple fixes the problem, we replaced this single call with 4 draw
line calls that draws the frame.  Inefficient but it avoids the drawing
glitch.  This will be available in the next update.  Until then, just keep
your window a little bigger than you might like.

-Chinh Nguyen
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