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st: metafunnel command

From   Jonathan Sterne <>
Subject   st: metafunnel command
Date   Thu, 28 Aug 2003 09:21:32 +0100

A new command, metafunnel, is available. This plots funnel plots: graphical displays used to examine whether the results of a meta-analysis may have been affected by publication or other types of bias. It uses Stata 8 graphics, and follows meta-analytic conventions in plotting standard error (the measure of study size) on the vertical axis and treatment effect on the horizontal axis. Pseudo 95% confidence interval lines are also plotted.

The command may be installed by typing -ssc install metafunnel- within Stata. I am grateful to Kit Baum for making it available on the Statistical Software Components archive, and to Tom Steichen for helpful comments on the command and for writing a dialog, which is automatically downloaded from the archive along with the command.

Jonathan Sterne
Department of Social Medicine
University of Bristol, UK

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