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st: problem with ciplot

Subject   st: problem with ciplot
Date   Wed, 27 Aug 2003 15:33:03 +0200

Dear statalisters-
I have a dataset of children with two dummy variables indicating the
proportion of deaths (one for boys and one for girls) before age of five:

gen u5yrd_m=.; replace u5yrd_m=1 if (sex==1 & died==1); replace u5yrd_m=0 if
(sex==1 & died==0);
gen u5yrd_f=.; replace u5yrd_f=1 if (sex==2 & died==1); replace u5yrd_f=0 if
(sex==2 & died==0);

I would like to plot the proportions with confidence intervals for both
variables in one graph using
ciplot u5yrd_m u5yrd_f, by(groupvar);

but i keep getting the message "no observations". Would anyone know why is
this happening? Thanks in advance for any suggestions, 


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