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st: RE: RE: Towards publication quality output

From   "Webb.Bayard" <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Towards publication quality output
Date   Fri, 22 Aug 2003 09:54:30 -0700

Bayard Webb wrote 
> >As a new Stata user and a novice LaTeX user I have a related 
> suggestion. I
> >have hunted down various utilities for producing a variety of output
> >suitable for inclusion in LaTeX documents, but the whole 
> arrangement is less
> >than coherent. Combined with my amateur status, the prospect 
> of publishing
> >the results of my work in Stata becomes overwhelming. A 
> manual or book on
> >creating LaTeX documents with Stata output would be more 
> than welcome.

Roger Newson responded
> The "whole arrangement" appears "less than coherent" because 
> it has been 
> put together by multiple members of the Stata community, each 
> acting alone. 
> However, in the absence of a book, you might like to read my 
> own article 
> "Confidence intervals and p-values for delivery to the end 
> user",

-----much useful information snipped-----

> I hope this helps.
> Roger

This all looks very helpful indeed. I will sift through it shortly.

I hope I didn't offend with "less than coherent". I'm aware that one of the
major strengths of Stata is the user community. "Less than coherent" is a
large improvement over "less than available". I was hoping that Stata Corp
was listening. Since Stata is a multi-platform system it seems natural to
provide a single publishing solution that is supported on all platforms, so
I am advocating more tightly integrated, official Stata LaTeX support.

In the meantime you have provided a huge help which I greatly appreciate.

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