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Re: st: two-stage probit least squares

From   "Mark Schaffer" <>
Subject   Re: st: two-stage probit least squares
Date   Wed, 13 Aug 2003 19:38:23 +0100


-ivprob- might do what you want.  You can use it to estimate a single-
equation probit in which one or more RHS regressors is endogenous.  
You would need to investigate whether it matters if your RHS 
endogenous regressor is a 1/0 variable or not.

Hope this helps.


Date sent:      	Tue, 12 Aug 2003 15:42:17 -0700
From:           	emiko takagi <>
Subject:        	st: two-stage probit least squares
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> Hi,
> I would like to test a model with two binary dependent variables
> that are correlated with each other.  The ideal approach seems to
> be 2SLS; however, because of the binary natures of the endogeneous
> variables, I believe the 2SLS will produce inconsistent results.
> Is it possible to run two-stage probit least squares in STATA? 
> Emiko Takagi
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