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st: probit/linear vs. treatreg

From   "Mark Schaffer" <>
Subject   st: probit/linear vs. treatreg
Date   Fri, 8 Aug 2003 17:46:28 +0100


Can you describe the two-step estimation procedure you're using and 
what you're doing with -treatreg-?

-treatreg- is a system estimator for a 2-equation system in which 
there is an equation for an endogeneous 1/0 variable, and an equation 
for a continuous dep var in which the endog 1/0 variable appears on 
the RHS.

If you run -treatreg- with the -twostep- option, it first estimates 
the equation for the 1/0 variable using a probit, and then estimates 
the equation for the continuous dep var a la Heckman.  This sounds 
like what you're doing by hand, so I'm not sure why there should be a 
difference.  Perhaps you ran -treatreg- without the -twostep- option? 
This would mean -treatreg- is doing a maximum likelihood estimation 
of the system, and so the results would indeed be different from a 
two-step estimation.


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From:           	Ronald Rutherford <>
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> Can anyone tell me why I get significantly different results using a two
> step probit/linear model for endogenity corrections versus the results
> obtained using the same set of regressors in a treatreg model?
>  Ron Rutherford
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