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st: RE: variable width boxplot

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: variable width boxplot
Date   Tue, 5 Aug 2003 20:05:01 +0100

Jay Kaufman
> I am finally now delving into V 8 graphics after
> some initial fear of the unknown, and have encountered
> the apparent absence of variable width boxplots.  I 
> have searched the Statlist message archive, and it 
> seems that nobody has asked about this, and yet this
> option appears to have disappeared entirely.  Has it 
> reappeared in some other form?  Is there something wrong
> with variable width boxplots (i.e. proportional to sample
> size) that makes them undesirable?  Why else would they
> be dropped from V 8?  

I think they've gone, unlamented until now. 

I guess it's difficult to tie variable width in with other 
things you would want to do, like put labels and lines at 
specific points on the numeric axis. 

Perhaps someone at Stata Corp has a more conVinceing 

Other ways of showing the # of data in subsets 
are -dotplot-, -onewayplot- (SSC), etc. 

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