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st: RE: Graph issue with stata 7 +

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Graph issue with stata 7 +
Date   Tue, 1 Jul 2003 09:48:59 +0100


> I am trying to make a hi-lo-close plot with text labels on
> the bottom.  I
> have been unable to figure out how to get Stata 7 to write
> labels for each
> case on the bottom.  I have only been able to get numeric
> labels for the
> extreme values, but I need text (e.g., Tall, Short, etc).
> The labels have
> a "natural" order but that is not alphabetical.  Further,
> as you can see,
> I am using the c(II) option to get what I want, but I don't
> have "stock
> exchange" or other temporal data.

I can't see what you typed. I did this in Stata 7

u auto
egen max = max(mpg), by(rep78)
egen min = min(mpg), by(rep78)
label def rep78  1 "v. poor" 2 poor 3 mediocre 4 good 5 "v. good"
label val rep78 rep78
gra max min rep78, xla(1/5) c(II)

The labels get shown on the x axis.

With value labels defined, and an explicit call to -xlabel()-,
text will be shown. Labels will, however, get truncated
at 8 characters and there is a limit on how many -xlabel()-
arguments you can have (25). Things are different in
Stata 8, of course.

> + Since mid-spring messages on stata have slowed to zero. I figured
> perhaps a new list had been set-up after release of Stata8,
> and somehow I
> was not on it.  But, I want to continue receiving notices.
> I am hoping it is just that the volume declined, and this message
will go
> out.  So, here goes . . .

Evidently you are on Statalist. There has been no noticeable
decline in volume since mid-spring in your area (*), as a
glance at the archives will show. Statalist has
not changed since the release on Stata 8, apart from the
convention that members should state if they are using
a version earlier than 8. I can only guess that what
you have observed is some local artifact on which
only local experts can advice. Perhaps Statalist
is triggering some over-zealous spam filter.

(*) Members of Statalist are asked to avoid hemispherist statements.
Always remember that many of our members are in another hemisphere
from you: sometimes they have been so since birth; sometimes they have
made a personal life choice. Whatever the reason, your assumptions
seasonality may not apply to them.


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