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Re: st: labels in two-way line graphs

From   "R. Allan Reese" <>
To   Stata distribution list <>
Subject   Re: st: labels in two-way line graphs
Date   Fri, 16 May 2003 16:59:41 +0100 (BST)

One way is to attach a label to the last point of the line. Create a
string variable with a value opposite the point you want labelled.  In
Stata 7 and below, this was plotted as an extra series; in Stata 8 it is
the mlabel option, with extra control on the placement etc.


scatter  y x, c(l)                         draws line graph

/* If points are sorted */
gen str8 name = "Series 1" if _n==_N                 label

/* If points not sorted, in which case beware connect! */
egen m=max(x)
gen str8 name = "Series 1" if x=m         or could label at max(y)

/* Or you can just type the label on a row in the data editor! */

scatter  y x, c(l) mlabel(name)

The Graphics book does not suggest multiple lines with separate labels,
but I just tested this example which worked as desired:

scatter y1 y2 x , c(l l) mlabel(n1 n2) mlabpos(2 9)

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