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st: A STATA code for verification of a check digit

From   Chantal Mascarenhas <>
Subject   st: A STATA code for verification of a check digit
Date   Wed, 14 May 2003 17:38:13 +0200

Title: Message
Sorry about sending this twice I think the first one was too long, so I just sent the link explaining it in SAS.

Hi!  I would like to know if there is a STATA code to use for verification of a check digit like the one used in SAS.  This applies to the Swedish Personnummer that everyone has in Sweden.  It is comprised of 10 digits (12) if the century is included.  The first 6 are the birth date in YYMMDD followed by a 3 digit birth number and a last digit which is a check digit comprised of the previous 9 digits calculated by algorithm. 
For example, 780924 0505
Here is a description of how it works in SAS: 

Thanks and very curious,

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