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Re: st: predict or adjust after logistic?

Subject   Re: st: predict or adjust after logistic?
Date   Thu, 3 Apr 2003 07:57:34 +0200

Greg wrote:

To predict  probabilities and 95% CIs of the predicted probabilities after
a multivariate  logistic model, I have previously used the following
predict  command:

logistic y x1 x2  x3
predict lr_index,  index
predict se_index,  stdp

gen p_hat =  exp(lr_index)/(1 +exp(lr_index))
gen lb = lr_index -  invnorm(0.975)*se_index
gen ub = lr_index +  invnorm(0.975)*se_index
gen plb =  exp(lb)/(1+exp(lb))
gen pub =  exp(ub)/(1+exp(ub))

bysort x1: tabstat  p_hat plb pub

Check out:

Predxcon or predxcat


logpred , regpred


The commands at Scott Long's Homepage (


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Dear  Statalist,

However, this code  does not allow me to predict probabilities,
by(x1), while keeping the other  covariates held constant, as the adjust
command does.  It seems that  keeping the other covariates held constant
while examining the predicted  probabilities individual covariates is
useful.  Is it possible for me  to do that?

Thanks in  advance.

Greg  Daniel

Gregory  Daniel
Manager, Health Outcomes  Research
Health Core, Inc.

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