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Re: st: Graph output: wmf to gif?

From   Philippe Glaziou <>
Subject   Re: st: Graph output: wmf to gif?
Date   Tue, 1 Apr 2003 09:30:20 +0700

David LB Schwappach <> wrote:
> I'm preparing a Internet presentation of a batch of graphs
> produced by STATA. I save the graphs as wmf files and then
> use a graphics editor to convert to gif. However, the wmf
> files are very large and after resizing them, the gif
> quality is worse. How do other people prepare high quality
> STATA graphs for the web?

PNG (portable network graphics) and JPEG formats are very
common on the web. Gif is not such a good format on the web,
because gif is fat.

Different formats of the same stata graph, with size:

  tata.eps   9981 
  tata.png   6919 
  tata.jpg  11114 
  tata.gif 115882 
My stata knows about PNG, but only from the menu (unless I
missed something). -graph export tata.png, as(png)- does not
work. In any case, imagemagick <>
does the conversion between 68 major formats for free, and
runs also under MS-windows.

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