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st: Determining the eigenvectors from a matrix

From   Kaleb Michaud <>
Subject   st: Determining the eigenvectors from a matrix
Date   Thu, 27 Mar 2003 13:51:51 -0600

First, it was a pleasure to see so many of you in person at last week's NA User's meeting in Boston!

Second, this problem.

I have a matrix, I can get the eigenvalues from the matrix eigenvalue command, but I am unsure how to get the eigenvectors. Now, from what I remember of linear algebra, I can always do this by hand and solve for the n values of each eigenvector per eigenvalue, I just didn't want to have to create a laborious Stata program that did the same thing (solving for multiple unknowns with multiple equations). The only mention of the word eigenvectors in Stata are with pca and factor and that is for variables only (and these are not correlation/covariate matrices so I can't imagine corr2data plus pca would work).

If there's an easy solution that I've missed, please forgive me, but I do appreciate your attention and help.

Digging through my old lin algebra books...

Kaleb Michaud
Arthritis Research Center

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