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Re: st: Stata8: Dialogs and macros

From (Jean Marie Linhart, StataCorp.)
Subject   Re: st: Stata8: Dialogs and macros
Date   Thu, 27 Mar 2003 10:23:38 -0600

"Plattner, Dankwart" <> asked:
> Within the dialog, the trick is in the line
> main.fi_file.withvalue main.tx_label.setlabel `"Label is file @"'
> Are .withvalue and @ documented somewhere? I couldn't find them anywhere in

These are undocumented features.  I think you've already
figured out how they work.  The extension .withvalue says to
use the value of the control it is on to do the following, and
the @ indicates where that value should be put in.

Dankwart Plattner goes on to ask about 2 things in regards to
this: 1) that this useage seems restricted to 64 characters
and 2) a startup error message of no variables defined.  I do
not think there should be a 64 character limit, although I 
could be wrong.  I will need to see the code to figure these out.
This can be  sent in to me (my address is below) or to

I suspect this is just debugging this particular dialog box, however
if there is anything of general interest, I will report my findings
back to Statalist.

--Jean Marie
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