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st: stata8 legend on overlaid twoway graphs

From   "Chris Wallace" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: stata8 legend on overlaid twoway graphs
Date   Thu, 27 Mar 2003 14:35:19 +0000

Using the following, much simplified, example, I plot an estimate and 95% CI using overlaid scatter and rcap twoway graphs.  I can tell stata8 to put the red line in the legend, or the red dot, with the appropriate title (see below).  I would like to combine these, and have a red line with a red dot in the middle (with just the one title).  Is this possible?

input loc est lci uci
1   1.0 0.5 1.5
2   1.2 0.8 1.3
twoway (scatter est loc , mcolor(red)) (rcap lci uci loc , blcolor(red)), legend(order(1 "est and 95%CI"))

Note.  Under stata7, I could get something similar:

graph7 est lci uci loc, s(o..) pen(222) c(.II) key1(s(o) connect(l) p(2) "est and 95% CI")

but cannot work out how to do the same under stata8.  Thanks for all suggestions, C.

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