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st: quirk: xlab overrides xscale in Stata8

From   "Jan Brogger" <>
To   "Statalist" <>
Subject   st: quirk: xlab overrides xscale in Stata8
Date   Thu, 27 Mar 2003 12:31:09 +0100

Just upgraded to Stata 8, latest updates, Windows XP. A quirk discovered
in graphics. Stata8 does not respect the "xscale" option when it figures
out the "xlabels", and then "xlabels" takes precedence over "xscale" in
the drawing of the axis. It appears that "xscale" can only be used to
expand the xaxis to the right, not truncate it (even though you are
within the limits of the data). You have to change both xscale and xlab
to achieve the desired effect. An example:

sysuse auto
*range of weight is 1760 ro 4840
summ weight

*default plot, x scale ranges from 1760 to 5000:
scatter turn weight

*plot with x scale expanded to 6000, no problem:
scatter turn weight, xsc(r(0,6000))

*plot with x scale restricted to the maximum value of the data, does NOT
scatter turn weight, xsc(r(0,4840)) 

*you have to also change the xlab option, then xscale takes effect.
scatter turn weight, xsc(r(0,4840)) xlab(2000 4840)

This is somewhat counter-intuitive.

Yours, Jan Brogger, University of Bergen

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