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Re: st: AppleScript and StataSE

From   David Airey <>
Subject   Re: st: AppleScript and StataSE
Date   Wed, 26 Mar 2003 19:44:39 -0600

Chinh Nguyen kindly answered:

Your path is wrong. A true HFS path precedes a filename with a : to specify
the current working directory. You should've entered:

tell application "StataSE"
open file ""
end tell

To specify an absolute path, enter:

tell application "StataSE"
open file "Macintosh"
end tell

Stata's HFS paths follow the POSIX model in that absolute paths start with a
path delimiter (in this case, a colon) and relative paths do not. Macintosh
HFS paths are the opposite.
This is confusing. Apple help says:

POSIX paths separate items with slashes, whereas Mac OS X file paths use colons. You must use Posix paths with the Terminal application and the Do Shell Script command.

Obviously, I'll have to Google on this. I had thought OS X did away with : path delimiters. It's confusing of Apple to retain both.

> Any thoughts on these errors? The FAQ on text editors suggests this or
> some variant (not the one posted) should work.

I didn't see where this was suggested but it does work.
In the Mac section of the FAQ on text editors by many authors and quoted in the thread you mention.

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