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Re: st: outreg in max likelihood estimation

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   Re: st: outreg in max likelihood estimation
Date   Wed, 26 Mar 2003 16:25:53 +0000

At 05:11 26/03/03 -0800, Matias Barenstein wrote:
Hello Statalisters,

I am doing maximimum likelihood estimations (ml) on
various specifications, and would like to put the
results from several of these on a single display
table (one column for each specification).  With
regular OLS regressions I use outreg.  However, I have
not been able to use outreg for the ml estimation
results.  Does it still work here, or is there an
alternative command I could use?
I don't know about -outreg- and -ml-. However, the -parmest- package (downloadable from SSC) might be an aternative. It converts estimation results to an output data set with 1 observation per parameter, or 1 observation per parameter per by-group, and data on parameter names, estimates, confidence limits, P-values and other parameter attributes. Type -ssc desc parmest- to find out more.

To create a display table with multiple columns of estimates and confidence limits, Matias might like to use the official Stata -reshape- command on a -parmest- output data set, and then -list- the resulting data set. It might be a good idea to use the -listtex- package (also downloadable from SSC;type -ssc desc listtex-) to write the data set in an ampersand-separated form to the Stata Results window, and then cut and paste it into a Microsoft Word table or TeX table.

I hope this helps.


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